Our rosé wines are made from white and red varieties, blended to produce modern strawberry-coloured wines with powerful and lingering aromas that are far fruitier on the palate than the traditional onion skin coloured rosé wines.

In order to obtain these organoleptic characteristics, we use carefully selected fresh grapes which have been slightly macerated prior to fermentation to extract the aromas and colour.

The wine is then filtered prior to the cold stabilisation process and prepared for shipment.


Our family-run business produces young, crianza and reserva wines based on the Tempranillo grape variety.

With our young wines we aim for a fresh, fruity aromatic yet full bodied profile.

With our crianza and reserva wines we are aiming to strike the exact balance between the varieties used and the oak used in the ageing process without detracting from the full personality of the wine whilst adding the subtly powerful flavours of the barrels. Another of our achievements is the natural stabilisation of the wine.

In order to ensure these characteristics, the ripe grapes are harvested by hand and transported to the winery for the start of the production process.

Low temperature maceration and alcohol fermentation using autochthonous yeast.

Following malolactic fermentation the wine is aged in barrels.


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