Red variety with very varied production depending on the soil, usually on dry land with average production levels, medium-sized grape, sensitive to extreme drought and powdery mildew.
It possesses high aromatic potential, low acidity depending on the degree of maturity. It boasts intense violet colours, is well-structured and very reductive.


A highly renowned red variety and extensively used by virtue of its great adaptability to easily cultivated soil and high production levels. Very sensitive to millerandage which results in bunches with berries of widely varying size.

It is full bodied, fruity and meaty.


White variety with medium production levels, small bunches, fairly resistant to drought, adapted to low fertility soil. It requires more extensive pruning to obtain acceptable production.

It has an excellent aromatic profile and good acidity. It is able to convey its body, smoothness and its translucency and quality at the same time; its colour is greenish yellow with steely hues.


White variety with low production levels, small bunches and small berries.

It has low acidity and conveys good levels of glycerine and a medium aromatic profile.


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